Friday, September 24, 2010

Springfield, Massachusetts

So it's day four of the Jason Reeves tour, and it's been interesting to say the least! My apologies for the delay in posting a new blog but I've been stranded without internet until this very moment in the tour!

Before I get started, I was just notified that people from Connecticut are called Connecticutioners. Sounds like you wouldn't want to get in a fight with one of those people ;)  About two minutes after I was informed of this...a gentleman came up to me and told me that these people are actually called Connectic*nts and people from Massachusetts are called M*ssholes.  Just wanted to get that tidbit out of the way before I forgot ;)

So here's the quick rundown of the last few days:

The tour started off with a bang in Atlanta.  I picked up Kevin Daniel from the airport at 10am (PS never drive in this city during rush hour) and we cruised out to the venue Eddie's Attic.  I got to play for a sold out crowd and the venue was awesome.  Eddie the owner informed me that this was actually where John Mayer got his start after leaving Berklee in Massachusetts.  And he actually made a surprise appearance a week prior to us playing there.  Apparently, he just shows up randomly now and then and plays for whoever responds to his tweet.  Moral of the story...follow John Mayer on twitter.

The next show was in Charlotte, NC at a venue called the Evening Muse.  The sound in the room was amazing and the crowed was really enthusiastic, standing directly in front of the stage for the entire show.  The neighborhood that it is located in is actually really cool.  There are a bunch of restaurants nearby and music seems to be alive and well.  As I walked around, I noticed at least three other venues that had music that night.  If you ever find yourself in Charlotte, I'd definitely check this spot out!

Anyway, the show is now over here in M*sshole land ;)  and they're packing up and I feel slightly awkward hanging out on my computer, so I'm going to run but I'll be posting more very soon!!!

Tomorrow is round two in Vienna, Virginia at Jamin Java...can't wait!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I have ADD...

Which is evident by the fact that I just started a blog, when what I really just wanted to check my email and prepare for my tour which starts tomorrow! It's normally around midnight when my ADD kicks into full gear, and next thing I know its about 3 or 4am and I'm wide awake. The good news; there's no such thing as a sleeping problem when you have no set time to be awake. The bad news; I have to be awake at 6am tomorrow to pick my friend up from the airport! Anyway, welcome to my blog. This is my first, and I hope you all enjoy updates of my adventures, which I assure you there will be plenty of! I just got back from a trip to Colombia, and I'm now on an east coast tour which starts in Atlanta, and ends in New York City. Once my tour wraps up I'll be in Chicago, Aruba, and Los Angeles (all within a week) So there you have it! Goodnight from North Carolina, and see you tomorrow in Atlanta!

sunset in Zirconia, North Carolina