Friday, October 15, 2010


Sorry for being MIA lately a lot has gone down in the past couple of weeks! Some great things have happened, and some bad. I'm going to keep this post short though as I have to run to sound check at Zydeco here in Birmingham, AL! I'm also going to be lazy and just quote what my mother posted on her facebook page to fill you in on what happened a couple days ago:

"Thinking about irony. My son moved to New York and I worried about him getting mugged. He went to Columbia and travelled all around the country alone in his car and I worried about him getting mugged. He finally came home to sunny safe San Diego, and he got mugged! The lesson... No point in worrying, what's going to happen good or bad will happen no matter where, so live and love every minute!"

I really want to discuss what happened to me more in depth, and get your feedback about this. So stay tuned! I'll be posting more soon! I promise!